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Friday, October 9, 2015

7 Key Points to ponder when deciding whether to work in an Organization or By Yourself

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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Five Key elements to generate success

Many authors have been investigating and dealing with which are the main elements to generate success.

There is tremendous need in today's world to "be as successful as possible" But what does that expression really mean? And who is really “a successful person? How do failures affect our “successful life”? And how a single failure can be a milestone in our personal life?

Some people believe that success can come at both a personal level (private life, professional life) and a level which consists of how one successful person impacts the world around them. Success at either of these levels can be enough to lead a fulfilling life, but they have full admiration for those who expanded their personal successes and reach for success in their interactions with the wider world.

Personal successes could be, for example, raising a happy family, achieving goals such as visiting the places you've always wanted to visit, building your personal skill set, etc.

For a majority of people, professional goals would include building wealth, gaining a position at a company you've always wanted to work at, self-working in the area you feel more passionate or marching up the "ladder" of the company you are currently at, etc.

Success in one's interactions with the wider world, at the other side, includes things like philanthropic pursuits or simply giving your time and personal labor towards helping people or the natural world around you.

Some think a failure may affect our success greatly. For some, failure is unfortunately a hurdle that they prefer not to jump over. They hit a barrier and prefer to stay on the "safe" side of that barrier rather than risk further failure. However, for others failure represents a chance, a new opportunity, a learning period to step back and evaluate their resources in order to push past the barrier on to bigger and better objectives.

Others agree that a general positive, happy disposition is the root of success, but without being down, we would not be able to recognize what feels really good. There would be no happiness without sadness, no peace without violence, and so forth...

In such environment of lack of clarity and lack of focus I have prepared a simple rule to be successful in most eventual situations, both personal and professional, considering only 5 key elements, easy to implement and dramatically efficient.

I have tested these 5 keys with myself and with other professionals in the past 25 years, and they really work.

See them now explained in this 3 minutes’ video

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